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One Night at the Candlelight

I passed for human most of the time, unless I wanted them to truly see me. I may have had an old-fashioned way of speaking, although I certainly tried to keep up with each era and learn the different new … Continue reading

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My Father Is Batman And It’s Terribly Terribly Wrong

My 84-year-old Dad dressed up as Batman for Halloween last night and there’s a big part of me that thinks that’s the best thing ever. Seriously. How cool is that? He was visiting his grandsons in Colorado and they were … Continue reading

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A Visit From Cackle

There once was a witch Named Cackle, Who liked to eat fingers for breakfast, Big toes were delightful for brunch, ear lobes perfect For a midnight snack. Her tastes were peculiar, No soft flesh for her, She liked a satisfying … Continue reading

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Halloween already? Only if It’s Lori Mitchell!

We were fortunate to be one of the few shops able to get Lori Mitchell’s new 2013 Halloween figures already!  Usually it’s July or August before they are available!  Check them out!  All are at the shop and ready for … Continue reading

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It’s good to be queen…at a Halloween Tea Party!

Sunday I traveled down a rabbit hole and found myself at a Halloween tea…at Tea’s Me, a charming Tea Shop in Hillsboro, Oregon.  Several friends and I decided to dress as a group and we chose Alice In Wonderland as … Continue reading

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It’s all about the Focal Point

Every summer I go on the hunt for just the right item to be our focal point in our Halloween display.  It’s all about the focal point, in my opinion, and in the past we have had some spectacular items….like … Continue reading

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A Very Penelope Halloween

Sunday I was invited to view the home of one of my shop’s regular customers.  She was having a Halloween party that evening and wanted me to see how she decorated…especially since most of her decor came from Penelope’s Hope … Continue reading

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