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To Augustus, Love Pappy

    “To Augustus, Love Pappy.” He blinked and read the inscription again. “To Augustus, Love Pappy.” His heart thudded painfully in his chest. His girlfriend Wanda was holding a rhinestone bracelet up to the light, looking for any missing … Continue reading

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Something Outside the Tent

When he gripped me by the wrist and whispered to be quiet, I knew that it hadn’t been my imagination, that there really was something outside the tent.  It had been two days since he had taken me hostage, near  the front … Continue reading

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As She Gathered Her Skirts

As she gathered her skirts and headed briskly up the staircase she hoped the view was worth the strain on her tender lungs, bruised from the ill-fated excursion to the Teparda bog the evening before. The effects of the poisonous … Continue reading

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