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Holding a Book in Your Hand

Someone told me the other day that they believed in dating several people at once for a while and taking lots of time to get to know each one, before deciding which one was compatible and suitable for an exclusive … Continue reading

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Leather Bound

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Thank You Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the very best books ever written…and touched me profoundly in both my childhood and my adult life. It’s been a touchstone for me and for so many millions of others. Those of us … Continue reading

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Boys Think Girls Are Like Books

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The same small things bring pleasure and always will

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Those of us who read carry around with us a secret knowledge

“What I sought in books was imagination, it was depth, depth of thought and feeling; some sort of extreme of subject matter; some nearness to death; some call to courage.  I myself was getting wild; I wanted wildness, originality, genius, … Continue reading

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She Who Writes the Story is in Charge of What Happens Next

    “I was in every way a weird and out-of-place child in that school, and though I tried desperately to fit in for a year or two, chopping off my braids and searching the mall for clothes that looked … Continue reading

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