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a person can be a meadow you slowly walk through wild-flower spangled in the early morning light, another a stony courtyard horse hoofs sparking as they clop clop clop. one, two, three stepping stones, across a fast moving brook, or … Continue reading

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Holding a Book in Your Hand

Someone told me the other day that they believed in dating several people at once for a while and taking lots of time to get to know each one, before deciding which one was compatible and suitable for an exclusive … Continue reading

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His Cottage in the Woods

Let me tell you dear readers, about a man who lives in a cottage in the woods. He built most of the cottage himself and the lines are clear and strong, much like this man himself. He loves his life … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Divine

“Her eyes rest on his, or his on hers.  Green-flecked.  He feels a tug.  A continent still unexplored and he about to leave! A pang, a tiny pang of loss, shoots through him.  Pain not without pleasure, like certain grades … Continue reading

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It’s One Thing To Dream

  Don’t earnestly promise to catch me a star, Cradle stars in your hands, cut up and bruised. Don’t talk about how England awaits, Grasp my hand as we wander down cobblestone streets. Don’t tell me that you want to … Continue reading

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Lasso Of Truth

I don’t know where you are because you are in another room. I don’t know how you feel because your voice too faint to hear. I don’t know what I said, or didn’t say I don’t know why you bowed … Continue reading

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A Chance to Undo the Damage

“She told me that Henry showed signs of narcissistic personality disorder. For Cathy she suggested a possible diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.  Women with borderline personality disorder are emotionally unstable and intensely needy, and often resort to dramatic gestures to … Continue reading

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