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In the Land of Lollygag

Fritter is something I do – not eat, Although I call it lollygag. Some might say I loaf around, But truly aren’t loaves made of bread? My mind works such from slack to bread to silly songs It scoots here … Continue reading

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If a pear could weep it would, cascading tears down its glossy sides. The banana has gone astray, jam grubbed hand plucked it away. Moments later, a resounding crash– the banana hasn’t come back. No curved embrace furthermore, Just one … Continue reading

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May Your Lips-Stick To Laughter

I went to the Junk Salvation show Friday night with my friend Pam, from Peonies & Possibilities, and we had a wonderful time…meeting old friends, making new friends, looking at the amazing displays, and finding a few treasures….I scored 20 vintage … Continue reading

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She Knew What All Smart Women Knew:

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She is the Funniest, Looniest Woman in Her World

  “Being a woman is hard work.  Not without joy and even ecstasy, but still relentless, unending work…the woman who survives intact and happy must be at once tender and tough…it is imperative that a woman keep her sense of … Continue reading

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