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a person can be a meadow you slowly walk through wild-flower spangled in the early morning light, another a stony courtyard horse hoofs sparking as they clop clop clop. one, two, three stepping stones, across a fast moving brook, or … Continue reading

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Quick on Her Feet

When I was twelve my body shot up until I am the height I am now… 5 ft 9. I was the tallest kid in the whole elementary school, boy or girl. I was all knees and wobbly ankles while … Continue reading

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Life Can Go On Undimmed

  “He liked to see a woman still flaunting her powers of attraction.  His taste, these days, ran not to the young, not even to the middle-aged, but to those about to enter their late fifties or even early sixties. … Continue reading

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Poets Live On Their Senses

“I suppose what most people associate with poetry is soul-searching and fiercely held emotions.  We expect the poet to be a monger of intensity, to pain for us, to reach into the campfire so that we can linger in the woods … Continue reading

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Spirals Up A Mountain

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The Unfurling

How fragile and tender                                that little girl yearning Just wanting to be loved and to love. Building beautiful cities inside her         … Continue reading

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Recipe for a Sour Day

Walk to the lake- preferably at dusk, the gray cashmere air soft upon your cheeks. Wear polka dot shiny rain boots and carry a furled umbrella, twirling it like a baton. Savagely stomp through every puddle you find, unless there’s … Continue reading

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