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If Cats Were Productive Instead of Lazy Buggers

If Cats were productive instead of being lazy buggers, They’d clean their own litter box, and be adept with a whisk broom. Instead of drowsing in speckled sunlight, they’d be typing out a best seller about finding a spiritual path … Continue reading

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There’s things to miss when one’s alone, that liquid jolt, the murmured sighs, light strokes on the back of neck. the deep felt crave which sleeps most days does rise in burnished night, tampered down from weary limbs but lurking … Continue reading

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How To Mourn What Never Was

Your mother holding your newborn child~ Nose kisses, bedtime stories, chatty talks, First day of school clothes cuddle monster, bed chase, sidewalk chalk, Santa Claus swing pushes,  explorations, road trips, seeing the world through the eyes of your child. History … Continue reading

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It’s One Thing To Dream

  Don’t earnestly promise to catch me a star, Cradle stars in your hands, cut up and bruised. Don’t talk about how England awaits, Grasp my hand as we wander down cobblestone streets. Don’t tell me that you want to … Continue reading

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Your Heart Should Have Buoys

Your heart should have buoys around its shores warning any adventurous sort not to venture too close. With flashing strobes and a strident moan… stay back stay back stay back. But there’s always going to be someone like me willing … Continue reading

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The Heart Throws No Fish Back In The River

“Love, my mother believed, was the only specific for true beauty—an abundance of it could make a woman who was as plain as zwieback go into the streets smiling, with her head high and her shoulders back, and a dearth … Continue reading

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As She Gathered Her Skirts

As she gathered her skirts and headed briskly up the staircase she hoped the view was worth the strain on her tender lungs, bruised from the ill-fated excursion to the Teparda bog the evening before. The effects of the poisonous … Continue reading

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