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Sunburn Summer

The house wasn’t the same to her any more after the neighbors painted it a rather loud shade of blue.  It had been a quiet shade of gray throughout her childhood years so it was rather a shock to pull … Continue reading

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Life Can Go On Undimmed

  “He liked to see a woman still flaunting her powers of attraction.  His taste, these days, ran not to the young, not even to the middle-aged, but to those about to enter their late fifties or even early sixties. … Continue reading

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The Heart Throws No Fish Back In The River

“Love, my mother believed, was the only specific for true beauty—an abundance of it could make a woman who was as plain as zwieback go into the streets smiling, with her head high and her shoulders back, and a dearth … Continue reading

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Don’t Sleep Through the Beauty of the World

Don’t sleep through the beauty of the world, be awake when sparrows wing their tapestry across the sky, The shadow of the stalwart tree moving across the lawn, see the glittering march of the tide. Be awake for the darting … Continue reading

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Spring Rain

The park is filled with night and fog, The veils are drawn about the world, The drowsy lights along the paths Are dim and pearled. Gold and gleaming the empty streets, gold and gleaming the misty lake, The mirrored lights … Continue reading

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To Discover What is Beautiful

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Beauty and the Beast Within

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