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We All Carry Our History

We all carry our history differently inside us, Some tie memories to leaded fishing weights, so they can sink deep deep deep, Others coat them in hard glossy varnish, so they gleam–better than new. One trots out faded high school … Continue reading

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A Past full of Eccentric People Doing Things

“They were funny, these old women; they may have talked constantly of the past, but it was a past full of particular and often eccentric people doing things that charmed and amused me.  I remarked on it once to Grammaude: … Continue reading

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One’s embrace may be turned outward

“Nobody grows up.  Everybody carries  around all the selves that they have ever been, intact, waiting to be reactivated in moments of pain, of fear, of danger.  Everything is retrievable, every shock, every hurt.  But perhaps it becomes a duty … Continue reading

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A Picture is worth a thousand words….

I was deeply chagrined yesterday when I figured out I had forgotten to take any pictures at all at the 3-day fair. Have you ever done that? Gotten so caught up in the moment that you forgot all about taking … Continue reading

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Going to the fair, the fair……

I am so excited about having a booth at the county fair this weekend. We will be selling fashion jewelry and silky scarves from the shop. It brings back great memories of how my mom and I got started in … Continue reading

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