Going to the fair, the fair……

I am so excited about having a booth at the county fair this weekend. We will be selling fashion jewelry and silky scarves from the shop. It brings back great memories of how my mom and I got started in the craft business. Almost twenty years ago my mom was going through a very difficult time in her life and I came up with the idea of making hair accessories and selling them at bazaars and street fairs. I thought it would be fun for us to do together and a much-needed distraction for her. Little did we know how far our journey would go! We loved doing the street fairs and one especially, Good Neighbor Days, held in a huge park in Beaverton over a 3-day weekend. It was so much work but we sold several thousand dollars of five dollar scrunchies etc (which still amazes me to this day.) It was the eighties and hair fashion was huge! We tapped the market at just the right time. I will always treasure all those fun fair days with my mom. She is so special to me. And so much fun to be around! She lives in Calif now so she won’t be here to help. My good friend Heather will be manning the booth with me instead. But my mom will be calling every night to see how we did!

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