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Perk’s Poem

Tucked in a leather satchel On a horse galloping at top speed, down clickety clack train tracks Conductors swinging lanterns fly past, Nestled in the eaves of a long haul truck Speeding across state lines, How many ways can I … Continue reading

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We Become What We Have Loved

“Every day I make some gesture, think or feel something through the influence of one or another of these friends.  When I plant bulbs I pat the earth around each one and realize suddenly that that is what my mother … Continue reading

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Love and Three Tea Cups

A woman came into my shop today looking for tea cups. Three tea cups, as a gift for a friend who was getting married.  Actually, remarried.  Years ago, there were three of them who lived on the same street and … Continue reading

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This question of empathy

“People identify themselves, in some subliminal way.  You know very soon into which category they fall.  You know that you would like to see them again; or you definitely would not, or you don’t much care either way.  Sexual attraction … Continue reading

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