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The three judges from the Guinness Book of World Records peered closely into her mouth and then nodded. She was handed three pink pieces of Dubble Bubble Bubblegum and she put them into her mouth. She chewed furiously as she … Continue reading

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Quick on Her Feet

When I was twelve my body shot up until I am the height I am now… 5 ft 9. I was the tallest kid in the whole elementary school, boy or girl. I was all knees and wobbly ankles while … Continue reading

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My Father Is Batman And It’s Terribly Terribly Wrong

My 84-year-old Dad dressed up as Batman for Halloween last night and there’s a big part of me that thinks that’s the best thing ever. Seriously. How cool is that? He was visiting his grandsons in Colorado and they were … Continue reading

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A Visit From Cackle

There once was a witch Named Cackle, Who liked to eat fingers for breakfast, Big toes were delightful for brunch, ear lobes perfect For a midnight snack. Her tastes were peculiar, No soft flesh for her, She liked a satisfying … Continue reading

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If Cats Were Productive Instead of Lazy Buggers

If Cats were productive instead of being lazy buggers, They’d clean their own litter box, and be adept with a whisk broom. Instead of drowsing in speckled sunlight, they’d be typing out a best seller about finding a spiritual path … Continue reading

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If a pear could weep it would, cascading tears down its glossy sides. The banana has gone astray, jam grubbed hand plucked it away. Moments later, a resounding crash– the banana hasn’t come back. No curved embrace furthermore, Just one … Continue reading

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Boyd was a Perfect Cowboy

“Frank thought for a minute.  Boyd was a perfect cowboy.  All he cared about was cows, but he did care about cows.  He could see a sore-footed one from almost two miles off, as Frank had one day found out. … Continue reading

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