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His Mind Was In Motion

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The Mystery of the Divine

“Her eyes rest on his, or his on hers.  Green-flecked.  He feels a tug.  A continent still unexplored and he about to leave! A pang, a tiny pang of loss, shoots through him.  Pain not without pleasure, like certain grades … Continue reading

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How Fortunate A Woman She Is

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The Heart Throws No Fish Back In The River

“Love, my mother believed, was the only specific for true beauty—an abundance of it could make a woman who was as plain as zwieback go into the streets smiling, with her head high and her shoulders back, and a dearth … Continue reading

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A Good Hat Has An Idea

” All the sisters had what was called a hat face.  They looked good in hats, knew how to put them on.  You can give a beautiful hat to a beautiful woman, but if she doesn’t know how to wear … Continue reading

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Time is a Finger Snap

Several years back my mom and I went on a wonderful trip to the south. We explored Savannah and Charleston and made a special detour to explore the charming little town of Beaufort, South Carolina, just because one of my … Continue reading

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Travel is a Creative Act

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We Become What We Have Loved

“Every day I make some gesture, think or feel something through the influence of one or another of these friends.  When I plant bulbs I pat the earth around each one and realize suddenly that that is what my mother … Continue reading

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Who Could Ever Tire of This Radiant Transition?

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Live By Our Own Light

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