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Goodbye Atlanta

Atlanta I’m going to miss you. I’ve been visiting your AmericasMart wholesale market for 15 years!  I’ve loved your Southern hospitality and your Southern food. I will miss eating at Pitty Pat’s Porch and having a burger from your world … Continue reading

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The Last Train

She had missed the last train and there was only one person she could see on the opposite train platform, walking briskly towards the station after a train going the other direction had stopped and started again. She was now … Continue reading

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Perk’s Poem

Tucked in a leather satchel On a horse galloping at top speed, down clickety clack train tracks Conductors swinging lanterns fly past, Nestled in the eaves of a long haul truck Speeding across state lines, How many ways can I … Continue reading

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How Paris Keeps House – 1928

“Nearly all French city dwellers live in apartments.  With few exceptions, there is no such thing as the individual house.  Even the rich are mostly confined to one floor, although this may have gorgeous parlours, bedrooms, and all the other … Continue reading

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Rise Up Everyone and keep Rising

This is one of my very favorite Facebook posts EVER. This. THIS. As my muscles ache after a long day at the show…..THIS. As I watch and admire my 80-year-old mother still make plans and have such a spritely energetic … Continue reading

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Time is a Finger Snap

Several years back my mom and I went on a wonderful trip to the south. We explored Savannah and Charleston and made a special detour to explore the charming little town of Beaufort, South Carolina, just because one of my … Continue reading

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Eiffel Tower at Dusk from Montmartre

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Listen Closely Because It Will Answer Back

“She loved that house very much.  Whenever we returned to it, from far or near, she grew excited, filled with high spirits.  “Soon we’ll be home!” she would say, and once arrived she would add, “Here we are, we’re home!” … Continue reading

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Violet Writes about Living in Paris, 1904

“This is far & away the most beautiful town I’ve ever seen.  I love the great open places (like Place de la Concorde) surrounded by fine buildings & monuments & flooded by light & air & sun.  The long look … Continue reading

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Climbing the Walls in Billings, Montana

Yes, I admit it.  I climbed the walls.  But it was only to fetch down these darling vintage hats that were just out of reach.  Some talented volunteer at this particular thrift shop in Billings, Montana had created a lovely … Continue reading

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