Climbing the Walls in Billings, Montana

Yes, I admit it.  I climbed the walls.  But it was only to fetch down these darling vintage hats that were just out of reach.  Some talented volunteer at this particular thrift shop in Billings, Montana had created a lovely display of vintage clothing, with shelves of purses and hats artfully displayed above a long rack of vintage clothing……..yes, you read that right.  This is a thrift shop, mind you…not an antique shop or vintage clothing shop.  I have never seen anything like it.  I didn’t have to search through countless racks…there it was, already curated, priced and on display.  At crazy good prices, too.  I pounced.  Big time.  By the time I was done I had an enormous mound of clothing up at the front counter and an equally enormous grin on my face.  This wasn’t your average vintage clothing pick.

Here are some pics…taken in my hotel room the next day, after I made it up to Minot North Dakota, where my family was having a big family reunion.  Pardon the amateur photos…it should give you an idea of all the fabulous pieces I found

IMG_2817A darling girl’s dress, with a gorgeous taffeta skirt.

IMG_2832This amazing 1960s woman’s plaid coat.

IMG_2828This lemon chiffon dress with pleated skirt

IMG_2829This gorgeous house coat with satin buttons

IMG_2837This funky 1970s dress with orange chiffon sleeves….

And many more pieces.  Several vintage children’s pieces…which I find very difficult to find.  And after I had made my purchase, the clerk casually mentioned…oh….by the way…we have another thrift shop in town…with just as much vintage clothing!  WHAT?  Zoom…and I was off…

It was my best vintage clothing pick day EVER.

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