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Farewell Beloved Penelope

My wonderful quirky calico cat Penelope died this morning, at the age of eleven.  She was my loving companion ever since she adopted me as a kitten at Christmas time and started living under my front porch.  She chose ME…and … Continue reading

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There is nothing as stubborn as the Front End of a Cat

“The geese come in the morning, after bad weather.  The wind blows the bird feeders in the backyard, and they show up underneath them, eating spilled corn and sunflower seeds.  The cat stalks them from the fence.  He drops his … Continue reading

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Penelope is not amused

Penelope does not like her photo taken.  Right now she is thinking….really? Didn’t you take my picture 6 months ago? Why do you need to take it again?

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Coco lays down the law

Coco likes to jump on the ottoman first before anyone sits in the chair.

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Penelope’s Petting Station

Penelope LOVES to be petted.  Her most favorite thing is to be petted while sitting about waist high to me.  Throughout the years she has figured out several places around the house that are just perfect for her.  Her first … Continue reading

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