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Mischka and the Tree

There was something not quite right about the window. He looked at it again. What was wrong?  Ah, he thought. Mischka has pushed one of the window slats out of line. He reached over his desk and pushed the slat … Continue reading

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There is nothing as stubborn as the Front End of a Cat

“The geese come in the morning, after bad weather.  The wind blows the bird feeders in the backyard, and they show up underneath them, eating spilled corn and sunflower seeds.  The cat stalks them from the fence.  He drops his … Continue reading

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The World According to Penelope

1. The higher you climb, the better view you have. 2. I know I was just petted three minutes ago.  I would like to be petted again, please. 3. Tuna water rocks!  Tuna water from Coco’s dish (after I nudge … Continue reading

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