The World According to Penelope

1. The higher you climb, the better view you have.

2. I know I was just petted three minutes ago.  I would like to be petted again, please.

3. Tuna water rocks!  Tuna water from Coco’s dish (after I nudge her out of the way) doubly rocks!

4. No fancy toys for me, thank you very much.  Just give me a box to sit in and look out of and I’m happy as a clam.

5. Why yes, it IS the end of the world if I don’t get to go out and play in the garage.

6. Coco likes to give me kisses and because I am nice, I let her.

7. Catnip makes the world a better place.

8. I confess, I’m a snob when it comes to water.  I like my water in a glass, with ice, if you please.

9. Nothing beats a good nap.  Except a good nap AND cuddling.

10. The best place to be in a scary world is under the bed.

11. That box (or other place) Coco has discovered to sprawl on looks mighty enticing to me.  I need to go lie there!  It’s the best place to sprawl in the room!

12. If YOU had to eat the same food every day, you’d throw it up occasionally too.

13. Yes, I am a grown up cat, but chasing my tail will never get old.  I have a fun toy attached to my body!  How great is that?

14. Eat. Nap. Play.  Repeat.

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