Trixie and Lulu at Expo

Jeanne and I had an amazing time at the Antique Expo show last weekend!  We ran into many friends and customers from Brookhaven and Penelopes and sold all kinds of goodies from our booth…we felt lucky that we had stuffed it full at the beginning.  We wanted to make sure there was lots to look at and a really fun display that would draw people in.  We hung our Trixie and Lulu banner over our vintage children’s area, where we displayed lots of vintage kid books and my collection of vintage metal lunch boxes.

Here’s our display of vintage kitchen items, all on a vintage patio set we brought back from Tennessee.  Mixing the yellow and green together made everything pop!  This was the first display you saw as you came up to our booth….so it had to make a strong statement.  Note the whimsical elements we tucked in, like the vintage frog candle and the yellow poodle!

This vintage mangle for ironing clothes was one of the most talked-about and stand-out pieces in the booth.  It still works and has a fabulous green enamel top.  The couple that bought it plan to use it as a display piece on their covered back porch!

The vintage Payroll machine was one of our finds on our Glitter Pick road trip.  I found it in the Flying Moose Antique Mall in Wichita Kansas.  There was a Japanese couple buying at Expo for their shop in Japan and they bought many items in our booth, including this fun piece.  Off it goes to Japan!

Another favorite area was our blue and red kitchen, displayed on a charming shabby vintage hutch.  Several items intended for this area were snapped up by early shoppers before they even made it on the shelf!  Customers were allowed to pay a premium to preview shop as we set up on Friday.  It was crazy, trying to unpack and create beautiful displays AND sell at the same time!  

By the time we unloaded into the warehouse Sunday night it was 9pm….very long days but great fun and rewarding as well.  We plan to do 3 more outdoor one-day shows this summer…stay tuned!

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