Anatomy of a Halloween Display

We did a major re-do of the shop yesterday and I thought it would be fun to show how our displays come to be.  The first thing we did was dismantle the front window display, moving the summer displays of beach and vintage travel to other areas in the store, leaving behind the furniture and the milkglass which we thought would look good in our new display.

The next thing we did was re-arrange all the furniture and add some new pieces. 

We kept the vintage yellow kitchen table because we thought yellow was a great bright accent for Halloween.  We added a lime green shelf.  I love lime green with black!

Now it’s the fun part!  Adding all our cute Lori Mitchell figures  and other vintage-inspired Halloween items!

We added vintage mystery books and vintage-inspired metal signs. 

We added frogs, orange pottery, and rare vintage Halloween treat bags.

Our Lori Mitchell Halloween figures are best-sellers! Hand-painted birdhouses add a nice touch……

We really have fun adding whimsical elements, like this figure sticking out of a vintage cast-iron teapot.  We also have another one of these Halloween mice peeking out of a wreath, with the word “eek” all around it.

And finally, our showpiece.  I hunt all summer long for the perfect Halloween centerpiece.  Last year it was a vintage black typewriter, on which I typed….”it was a dark and stormy night”.  This year I found a charming vintage dollhouse, painted gray and black.  It is the perfect scale for the Lori Mitchell figures and makes a fabulous focal point!

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8 Responses to Anatomy of a Halloween Display

  1. Nancy P says:

    It looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing a bit of behind the scenes! I love love love Halloween decor. 🙂

    • Lynette says:

      Thanks Nancy! As much as I love Christmas, I really really love Halloween decorating. I was so inspired by getting the shop decorated I am going to decorate my house for Halloween this weekend!

  2. I would know your displays anywhere! And it really shows that you plan so far ahead…that gray and black house is perfect!
    (Hope I get to see your place before Halloween)

  3. Mom says:

    Love the shop – you and your talented helpers outdid yourselves again. Can’t wait to see it person.

  4. Abra Riley says:

    Now that cute little house is mine!!! I love it! Thanks Lynette!

  5. Holiday Glee says:

    Love the Lori Mitchell Halloween figurines!

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