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The Brotherhood of Shopping Carts

As he opened the car door there was a loud rattling noise behind him and something slammed into the back of his legs. He turned to look and there was a shopping cart nudged up behind him. He pushed back … Continue reading

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If a pear could weep it would, cascading tears down its glossy sides. The banana has gone astray, jam grubbed hand plucked it away. Moments later, a resounding crash– the banana hasn’t come back. No curved embrace furthermore, Just one … Continue reading

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I Like To Take My Basket and Go to Market Early

MARKETING I like to take my basket And go to market early– Radishes are pinkest then, Lettuces most curly. Beets still pyramided To a magenta crest; Cauliflowers are snowballs; Peas, their snappiest. In the blue and silver Of the rutabagas … Continue reading

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Panda Party at Penelope’s

    Introducing three new friends at Penelope’s……..delightful handmade Panda bears by local artist KB Thomas.  Each bear is lovingly made with the best of materials, with mohair fur and glass eyes and merino wool or leather paw pads.  The pictures don’t do … Continue reading

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