Climbing the Stairs in Missoula Montana

It’s day Two of my Glitter Pick Road Trip and I am in Missoula, Montana to see what treasures I can find.  I read about the Montana Antique Mall….how can I resist the “largest antique mall in Montana”?  It is housed in the Montana Hotel, built in 1890 right across the street from the railroad station.

IMG_2810From the minute I walk in I can see the charm of the old building…the ceilings are sky high and the old wood floors have a wonderful patina.  I am greeted promptly and offered some cool water…mind you it is 90 degrees today and this is NOT an air conditioned building.  This gets more important later…..I am delighted to see beautiful displays and unusual items with such great history.  I can tell right away that I am not going to find much in the way of picking…no bargains here…but it is still really fun to look.  There are four stories to explore…with very tall staircases…

IMG_2808IMG_2809I love the patina of the old stairs….imagine all the weary feet that have tread these steps, as travelers went up to their rooms.  I picture bustles and long wool skirts and the jangle of spurs.  It is easily another 10 degrees warmer on the second story and I start fanning myself as I wander around….100 degrees and still it doesn’t daunt me…

IMG_2785IMG_2786I see some really clever upcycling ideas…turning an old bed frame into a chalkboard, attaching mason jars to to candlesticks, covering a beat-up metal table with burlap…and several more.

IMG_2796IMG_2790IMG_2791IMG_2792I make my way up to the third story…where it is ANOTHER 10 DEGREES warmer and at this point I am starting to wilt…and I think…those poor antique dealers who have a space on this floor…I can’t imagine having to haul my treasures up two oversized staircases and working in this heat…and how many customers brave the stairs?  I work my way back down and into the basement, where it is blessedly cool and there are yet more booths to explore.

I have been thrilled to see such incredible displays in several of the booths…they match the most sophisticated booths of the big malls in Portland…what a treat to find them here.  I have been busily taking pictures and have enough to share to make a whole blog post about the displays in themselves.  They are WONDERFUL.  Here’s a sneak peak:


I would highly endorse the Montana Antique Mall as a unique shopping experience…my pictures just show a tiny glimpse of the wonderful unique items they have…as a picker I only found three things, but any antique lover would thoroughly enjoy the experience.  Just be prepared for the stairs!


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