My Father Is Batman And It’s Terribly Terribly Wrong


My 84-year-old Dad dressed up as Batman for Halloween last night and there’s a big part of me that thinks that’s the best thing ever. Seriously. How cool is that? He was visiting his grandsons in Colorado and they were dressing as superheroes so he decided to be part of the fun. I LOVE that he did this! I want to be that amazingly cool when I am 84.

However. HOWEVER. I have had a serious Batman fetish since I was in my early 20s. And I do mean serious. I could have a long conversation with any Batman fan about the comics versus the movies, which Batman actor was the best and which ones were awful, and on and on and on. And if my guy wants to have the best time of his life EVER? Dress up as Batman for me. And watch out. Batman is dead sexy for me. And always has been.

Except that now my dad has dressed up like Batman.

That is seriously messed up.

I am not sure how I am going to recover from this.

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