A Picture is worth a thousand words….

I was deeply chagrined yesterday when I figured out I had forgotten to take any pictures at all at the 3-day fair. Have you ever done that? Gotten so caught up in the moment that you forgot all about taking pictures until its too late? I know, I know, you can go the other way too, snapping pictures right and left instead of enjoying yourself. But I do believe in the power of pictures to evoke wonderful memories. And its easy to forget all those fabulous little details. I didn’t get any pictures of our charming booth, scarves flying in the breeze. Or the delighted little girls walking away with bracelets dangling from their wrists. The tall guy in a top hat doing the most amazing detailed balloon animals. The view of the river from our screened canopy. The parade of hispanic girls twirling bright rainbow skirts on their way to dance in the pavilion. The toddlers so serious about their soft dip cones. The busiest food booth by far– the burrito man deftly flipping tortillas as a small crowd watched his artistry. The Air Dogs excitedly leaping yards into the air and splashing into the aboveground pool as their audience cheered. The glitter tattoos and the face painting. So much to remember! Without pictures! I had fun bidding on fun baskets in the silent auction and was lucky enough to win 2 bottles of wine and a $100 restaurant gift certificate. So here is my one picture from the fair. I’ll know better next year.

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1 Response to A Picture is worth a thousand words….

  1. Diane says:

    I feel like I have just come to the fair with you and loved it!! Next time take some pictures though. (:

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