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We All Carry Our History

We all carry our history differently inside us, Some tie memories to leaded fishing weights, so they can sink deep deep deep, Others coat them in hard glossy varnish, so they gleam–better than new. One trots out faded high school … Continue reading

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The Limp

Imagine you have a limp. ¬†Imagine that your leg was badly injured many years ago, and for reasons of your own, you didn’t seek treatment and so the leg healed badly and now you limp. ¬†Most days you get along … Continue reading

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The Way We Choose Our Truths

“We choose our truths the way we choose our gods, single-sightedly, single-mindedly, no other way to feel or see or think. We lock ourselves into our ways, and click all the truths to one. We put our truths together in … Continue reading

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