May Your Lips-Stick To Laughter

bday 1-001bday 2bday 3bday 4bday 5bday 6I went to the Junk Salvation show Friday night with my friend Pam, from Peonies & Possibilities, and we had a wonderful time…meeting old friends, making new friends, looking at the amazing displays, and finding a few treasures….I scored 20 vintage greeting cards and wanted to share these three family birthday cards…I especially love the “boudoir dressing table” feel of the first card and the sentiments of the brother card.  I will either do an art project with the cards or turn around and re-sell them to vintage card lovers at the Plucky Maiden Junkfest show I will be a part of in March.


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2 Responses to May Your Lips-Stick To Laughter

  1. John says:

    Those cards are wonderful! I thought they were very different, and from a better, vanished time too…

  2. Nancy P says:

    Those are great!

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