His Cottage in the Woods


Let me tell you dear readers, about a man who lives in a cottage in the woods. He built most of the cottage himself and the lines are clear and strong, much like this man himself. He loves his life there, on his land, with a good strong house and a dog to keep him company. It’s peaceful and serene, a harbor away from the stormy outer world.When the windows are open, the sultry beat of John Coltrane drifts out into the clear evening sky along with the yeasty smell of fresh baked bread.

But there’s one thing missing in his cottage in the woods…a woman to grace his table and his world. He pictures her there, sharing the evening soup, his dog lying under the table and he pictures her in his bed, happy flushed face as they kiss and kiss again. He imagines her smiling in the doorway, viewing his cottage, his life, his cozy life and  walking in, to sit on the loveseat where they embrace. He has so much to tell her, this woman, so much to share, to give.

He begins to search for this woman, first near and then far. Here and there,  kind women say hello, and he sends them playful letters, that smell of pine needles, smoky fire and starlit skies. He sends a light wisp of air kissing the woman’s wrist before floating away.He weaves stories to circle the woman’s waist and draw her closer still.

He waits, and he is patient, for just the right woman to respond. One who sends letters that smell of cinnamon and cloves, who is quick to laugh and even quicker to passion, who satiates his mind with bountiful dialogue and never-ending curiosity. Who wants to join him there, in his cottage in the woods.

The pen is still scratching across the page, so we don’t know yet what happens with this man, dear reader, but we do know this. We know that love is the most powerful force in the universe, and we know that if we have an open heart……love will always find a way.

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