mountain 2

a person can be a meadow you slowly walk through
wild-flower spangled in the early morning light,
another a stony courtyard
horse hoofs sparking as they clop clop clop.
one, two, three stepping stones, across a fast moving brook,
or a crunchy gravel path, with many pebbles in your shoes.

a person can be a gentle hillside, that stretches to the sky,
or a treachorous murky bog, that waits to snatch your shoes.
a craggy bluff you climb, where you dare not look down,
a half built house, with rooms in disarray,
where you wouldn’t want to linger and you head right for the door.

And oh, the person who is a garden, all loamy filled with smells,
or the person who is a mountain, covered with sturdy firs.

Each person is your journey
how ever long they stick around.

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1 Response to Encounters

  1. Akash Singh says:

    “Each person is your journey
    how ever long they stick around.”

    An excellent poem which leaves me thoughtful. Imagery and descriptions add beauty to your poem.

    “She loves, cares and never complains,
    She’s Panacea who takes away my pains.”
    Read an ode on “Mother” at
    Hope you will like it. Don’t forget to leave a comment as it’s precious. 🙂

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