It’s all about the Focal Point

Every summer I go on the hunt for just the right item to be our focal point in our Halloween display.  It’s all about the focal point, in my opinion, and in the past we have had some spectacular items….like a black vintage typewriter and another year a black, gray and white doll house.  With two weeks to go I still hadn’t found the right thing this year…until I was at a church flea market and found this vintage Singer sewing machine.  It was under a table and filthy and I almost missed it.  It cleaned up nicely and is the perfect backdrop for Lori Mitchell trick-or-treaters!

So you can imagine my excitement when one week later I found a SECOND focal point..this gorgeous vintage birdbath!  Fill it with shredded paper and a couple of darling Nicol Sayre figures and it’s fabulous!  Two focal points….makes the shop twice as cute!  Stop in and see!


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