It’s good to be queen…at a Halloween Tea Party!

Sunday I traveled down a rabbit hole and found myself at a Halloween tea…at Tea’s Me, a charming Tea Shop in Hillsboro, Oregon.  Several friends and I decided to dress as a group and we chose Alice In Wonderland as our theme.  Much merriness ensued!

Teri dressed up as the Queen of Hearts…complete with a red heart necklace and a teapot purse!  Every detail was perfect…check out her fabulous stockings!

Sheila was the White Rabbit….she had a blue velvet waistcoat, a large pocket watch on a chain..and even gold-rimmed glasses!

Ron was the Mad Hatter….his outfit was incredibly detailed….with hatpins and a spool sash…and huge eyebrows that wiggled up and down.  He even dyed his mustache!  He won first place at the party….

Christopher was the most darling Alice ever…..he was Alice after she’s drank the growing potion….and he had stickers to put on his pot of tea that said “drink me”!  He looked amazing…and won second place in the contest!

As for me…I chose to be the White Queen.  I dressed all in white…with pearls and satin gloves and silver sequin shoes.

It was an incredibly fun day…and the tea itself was delicious!  After the party we decided to walk as a group through Washington Square Mall ….we were stopped dozens of times for photos and had fun waving to all the kids.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t end up on Youtube!

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3 Responses to It’s good to be queen…at a Halloween Tea Party!

  1. How incredibly fun! I love it. You must have made a lot of people smile that day. You all look fabulous.

    And, thanks for the kind comment you left today on The Domestic Fringe. I appreciate it.

  2. sheila says:

    That truly was a great day! The tea was a blast but I LOVED the tour through Washington Sq.! Now… what will be all dress up as next year?

  3. Julie DeNeen says:

    Love this…how cool!

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