New Trends at Market in Atlanta

One of the best parts of going to Market every January is seeing the newest trends in home decor and seasonal decorations.  There’s ALWAYS something new..the challenge is deciding which trends apply to my store and show, and more importantly, which trends will actually sell.  This year at Market it was interesting to see which companies stepped up and challenged themselves to have new lines and looks, and which companies played it safe and carried pretty much the same things they did last year.  Guess which ones we ordered from?

The biggest look by far we called Paris Flea Market…it was tempting to call it Paris Industrial because there were many industrial components to it…..lots of stamped burlap and linen and rusty implements…washed out black and lots of textures and written words and images of vintage documents.

Of course you know a trend has really gone crazy when you see things like this….

A bed canopy made from burlap sacks!

The other new trend we saw everywhere at Market we called Elegant Cabin.  Lots of furniture made from antlers and high-end burnished wood pieces mixed with teal and tarnished silver.

Our very favorite showroom for inspiration is Harvest Goods….every year the showroom is transformed into a new treasure trove of vintage and new and whimsical elements…there’s nothing else like it in all of Market.  There’s so much to look at it’s hard to see everything..and it’s decorated from interesting tiles on the things hanging from the ceiling.  This year they had over-sized rusty bicycle wheels and lamps made from wine bottles.  It was difficult to photograph….but I wanted a reminder of just how amazing the displays were.

One of our favorite Christmas displays was a gorgeous whimsical tree all done up with collaged ornaments and text garlands.  It ties in nicely with the Paris Flea Market look.

We thought these pumpkins were really clever…..very elegant with black lace.  They have a great vintage appeal.

Another Christmas trend was turquoise….trees.  Flocked turquoise trees and rich teal trees…saw these tied in with the Elegant Cabin look and other places.  They have  a strong vintage feel. 

The other big Christmas trend we noticed was a monochromatic look… trees with red ornaments or gold trees with gold ornaments..and so forth.  They were stunning and over-the-top. 

We saw lots and lots of mice..for everyday decor and Halloween and Christmas.  Owls too… one showroom had just gorgeous owls we were very tempted to order.  They don’t quite fit our vintage outlook so we reluctantly passed.  While we did see many new things this year at Market,  it felt like there were far less new items.  It’s a sign of the times.  There were quite a few empty showrooms…more than we have ever seen before.  There were several companies we usually order from that we passed by this time.  They had nothing new or fresh this year.  We wrote the biggest orders with several companies who brought out fabulous new vintage-inspired items.  And today we received our first delivery….now the fun begins!

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