Meet Miss Lillie Mae

The very best food is always where the locals eat, and today we were lucky enough to have a conversation with several volunteers at the Chattanooga Junior League Thrift shop.  We talked about the recent tornadoes and how it had affected each of them.  One unlucky guy had been without power for 8 days and was seriously tired of “going all little house on the prairie and such.”  We talked about our glitter pick road trip and they said it was a must to go eat lunch at Lillie Mae’s.

The decor at Lillie Mae’s is plain and simple, with white walls and painted white booths.  Lots of families and older gentlemen in button-down shirts and string ties.  You don’t come to Lillie Mae’s for the decor…you come for the delicious southern menu.  The potato salad was some of the best I have ever had…Jeanne described it as tasting just like a deviled egg.  We both had fried cornbread, made with white cornmeal and it had an interesting taste…not to either of our liking since we both like sweet yellow cornbread so much.  But we are glad we tried it. The rest of our meal was delicious!

In the waiting area there are several pictures of Lillie Mae and she looks like quite the character.  Certainly not a vapid southern belle!  I was intrigued by her photos and wanted to know more about her.

Lillie Mae’s is not a place we would have ever stopped at on our own…the building is very nondescript and I bet the locals like it just fine that way.  I feel very fortunate that we had the chance to eat there.

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