Meat and 3 sides…food adventuring in Tennessee

In preparation for our trip to the south I purchased a book called Tennessee Curiosities by Kristin Luna….because travelling for me is all about avoiding the obvious tourist traps and exploring the odd little places unique to wherever we are.  Kristin advised us to eat at Chandler’s Deli if we ever found ourselves in Knoxville Tennessee.  She believes it to be the best soul food in all the land.  We found that hearty endorsement off we went. 

 Chandler’s is in a former Taco Bell building…small, pink and unpretentious.  You order from a large menu…many types of meat and even more sides.  It is served cafeteria style and my large plate of food and a soft drink cost me ten bucks, with tax.  It’s an incredible deal.  The meat special today was meatloaf, served with gravy or ketchup, and I also ordered mashed potatoes, broccoli in cheese sauce, mac n’cheese and corn bread.  It was way too much food and I was only able to eat about half my plate…but I couldn’t resist trying all those yummy southern sides!

As we were exiting…we noticed the sign on the front door.  Special today: Fried Pickles and Peppers.

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1 Response to Meat and 3 sides…food adventuring in Tennessee

  1. terrie says:

    Meatloaf…..yummers! However I did get a comment from jeanne..”why did yuo order meatloaf when you went out to dinner?” Funny!

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