Trixie and Lulu and the Glitter Pick Road Trip

Greetings from Chattanooga Tennessee!  My BFF Jeanne and I are here on a grand adventure…picking our way through the south.  It’s my 50th birthday next week and I decided to spend it doing 2 of my very favorite things…treasure hunting and travelling!  We are big fans of the tv show American Pickers and decided we needed to do a road trip of our own…but instead of digging through junkyards and spider-infested old barns we would hit every thrift shop and rummage shop and flea market we could find!  We’d look for girlie things like china teacups and vintage linens and old books and lovely bits of vintage jewelry, all the while dolled up in big straw hats and bling jewelry……truly a Glitter Pick Road trip.  We have nicknames for the trip…she’s Trixie and I am Lulu and we plan on stopping at every oddball roadside curiousity we can find.  After a week we will load it onto a U-haul and drive it 2000 miles home…picking along the way.  Stay tuned for our adventures…….

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1 Response to Trixie and Lulu and the Glitter Pick Road Trip

  1. Nancy P says:

    ahhhh I am so envious! Have fun!

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