The mecca of all glitter picks…in Tuscaloosa Alabama

This small roadside sign leads to mecca…the best vintage picking in the south.  I discovered it last year while on vacation with my mom and niece and vowed to return.  With a bigger car.  And a way to get lots of breakables home.  Lots and lots.

It sits on a country road in a nondescript building, up on a hill, behind a home.  The magic arrives once you walk inside and view the shelves and row after row of beautiful pottery, china, glassware and more.  Your eyes bug out when you pick up pieces and see the incredibly cheap prices.  You start breathing hard.  You start grabbing and putting item upon item on the counter. 

It was the first time for Jeanne.  I had tried to describe it to her.  It’s hard to describe.  And it was so far south…away from all the other highway 11 picking we were doing.  I wasn’t sure exactly where it was…just looking for the sign I remembered.  We drove and drove and drove.  Finally, there was the sign and the gravel road.  Three minutes after we got inside Jeanne came up to me and said three little words.  Oh. My. God.  I smiled and said…have fun.

There was much luck in the works.  The shop sits right outside Tuscaloosa, where the worst tornadoes hit.  They lost a 115-year-old pecan tree that sat next to the shop.  When it toppled, it just caught one small corner.  The glassware inside wasn’t harmed.  When we arrived the shop was closed but we flagged down the grandson of the owner…who went and got his mom to come and open the shop for us.  She was glad to be pulled away from some grouting she was doing so it worked out well for all of us.  I told her I was there to spend some serious money.  I would make it worth her while.  And I did.  It was more fun than a girl should get to have.

Jeanne and I will be talking about this pick  for years.  The tree, the shop, the finds, the nice people.  We were junk drunk and having the time of our life

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1 Response to The mecca of all glitter picks…in Tuscaloosa Alabama

  1. Nancy P says:

    omg I am green with envy! I hope I can make it in to the store when you return with all these goodies!

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