Shopping Rue Cler…..the very french way to eat in Paris

One of the things we learned our very first trip to Paris was that french people typically buy their food every day for that day’s meals.  They have very small refrigerators since they don’t stockpile food the way we Americans tend to.  It’s a very different shopping experience…buying just what you need for that day, and going to individual stores for each type of good you need.  There are small supermarkets here and there, about the size of a Plaid Pantry, and many specialized stores.  You buy your bread in a bread shop, your pastries in a pastry shop, your cheese in a cheese shop, and so forth.  There are quite a few streets around Paris that have a whole row of these types of shops and the most famous is Rue Cler.  Rick Steves is adamant in his travel book about visiting Rue Cler and experiencing a true local way to live so we tried it our first trip and really enjoyed the adventure.  And adventure it is, as many of these shops carry food we have never seen before, and my high school french is helpless to translate the more exotic items.   We like to grab baguettes, cheese, some fruit, some sliced meat, some pastries for dessert, and make a picnic, either at a park or in our hotel room.

The Butcher’s Shop…note the baked chickens for sale in the front.  There are some very mysterious items in the back…not for the faint-hearted.

The chocolat shop…heaven awaits inside those doors.

The honey shop…many unusual flavors of honey, as well as beeswax candles, honey soap, and much more.

The cheese shop…with over 300 types of cheese for sale.  It’s very intimidating but one must be brave and hope for the best.  The sales lady was very friendly and patient as we slowly made our choices. 

The fish shop…not much for our picnic here so we moved onto the fruit and vegetable shop.

You can scoop some nuts..I liked the whimsical packaging.

Or pursue this rather creepy white asparagus……

Or end your meal with these charming gooseberries!  Bon appetit!

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4 Responses to Shopping Rue Cler…..the very french way to eat in Paris

  1. Nancy P says:

    Oh my gosh! That looks like heaven! I hope I can make it there some day. Enjoy!

  2. These little shops look lovely. I think I could spend an hour in the cheese shop! I like the idea of going to the market everyday and only buying enough food for the day. I’m sick of the buy-in-bulk mentality we Americans have. Besides, I hate meal planning! 😉

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  4. mhembroff says:

    Sure a different way to shop. Can’t imagine going to the store everyday.

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