The Magic of La Tour Eiffel

The Eiffel Tower is one of the great iconic symbols of the world…it is so hard to believe that city officials planned to tear it down in a few years, after it was built in 1889 for the World’s Fair.  It is the true symbol of Paris.  Everywhere you go in Paris there it is…off in the distance, or peeking over buildings.

Seeing it up close enhances the awe……it is so much bigger than it looks from afar! Standing next to it and underneith it you truly start to appreciate the incredible accomplishment over 120 years ago.

One of the most magical things about the Eiffel Tower is how romantic it is…

On my first trip to Paris a few years ago we arrived at 7am in the morning.  I had struggled to sleep on the plane and had only managed an hour or two so I was very tired for our first day there.  We dropped our luggage at the hotel and bought some pastry for breakfast, walked a few blocks down cobblestone streets to the Louvre.  While we waited for it to open, we sat on a ornately carved stone bench and looked about us.  I was still fuzzy from the flight and hoped the pastry would wake me up.  As I looked around,  all of a sudden I saw it…the Eiffel Tower, off in the distance.  My eyes filled with tears.  I knew I was in Paris.

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