Paris—a tale of two cathedrals

Greetings from Paris…it’s our first day here and we chose to take it easy since the travel has exhausted us.  We explored Montmartre and Notre Dame and it was interesting to contrast the two cathedrals, Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur.  Notre Dame is many centuries old and Sacre Coeur is a wee youngster in this ancient landscape, at just 125 years old.

Notre Dame is somber and majestic, with gorgeous stained glass windows and a multitude of carvings.  Sacre Coeur is beautiful and joyful, with beautiful intricate mosaics.  A banner hangs from the front, proclaiming ” For 125 years, HERE day and night, somebody has been praying to the Lord.”  I love the thought of the never-ending prayer in Sacre Coeur. 

Notre Dame has incredibly cool gargoyles.

Sacre Coeur has the best view in Paris.

Of the two… choice goes to Sacre Coeur.  As much as I appreciate the history and majesty of Notre Dame….Sacre Coeur has a lovely spirit that lifts my heart.

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