Mirro Cook Book 1937 – Hot and Cold Desserts

I found this charming cookbook at an estate sale, and while it was too battered to sell I thought the recipes would be fun to share…they are truly a reflection of life in the 1930s.  I had never heard of some of these desserts….Harvard Pudding, Peach Dowdy, Volstead Plum , Sun Tan Pudding and many more.  Please feel free to use, print and share!

Mirro cook book0014

Mirro cook book0001

Mirro cook book0002

Mirro cook book0003

Mirro cook book0004

Mirro cook book0005

Mirro cook book0006

Mirro cook book0007

Mirro cook book0008

Mirro cook book0009

Mirro cook book0010

Mirro cook book0011

Mirro cook book0012

Mirro cook book0013

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