Scarlett and Fried Chicken

IMAG0549Sometimes we just need a girlfriend moment.  With so much going on in our lives….just time to spend a few hours doing something fun and frivolous.  My friend Pam had just finished reading Gone With the Wind and had gotten a copy of the movie to watch because she had never seen it.  It’s one of my favorites, so we decided to spend Monday afternoon watching the movie and eating southern food.  It’s a long long movie so we needed plenty of fortification.  We had southern fried chicken, biscuits, coleslaw, deviled eggs and plenty of sweet iced tea,  with peach cobbler for dessert.  So much great food and so much to laugh about during the movie, even with it’s sobering themes.  We cheered when Aunt Pitty Pat came on the screen…we love going to the restaurant Pittypat’s Porch in Atlanta when we visit for AmericasMart in January. (the picture above is Pam at the restaurant.)  I always get teary-eyed during the scene where Scarlett walks through the acres of dead and wounded soldiers, and of course when Melanie dies.  I love the costumes and the gorgeous cinematography.  Pam remarked on how dark the movie is…and how the moments of humor helped lighten the mood.  She also noted how much older the actors appeared, compared to how old the characters are in the book.  After all, Scarlett is 16…when she has her grand appearance at 12 Oaks.  Vivien Leigh was 25 when she played the role.  I always notice new things every time I see the movie. (I was honing in on all the items on the shelves at Frank’s store this time around.)  I’ve also noticed that my reactions to the movie have changed throughout my life…perhaps because of my own life experiences.  And that is what keeps the movie fresh for me.  It’s always wonderful to watch….and extra fun to experience it with someone who hadn’t watched it before. It was a fun afternoon…and a needed escape.  And there was even enough peach cobbler left over for seconds!


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1 Response to Scarlett and Fried Chicken

  1. Pam Clarke says:

    Awesome post Lynette. It was a pleasure to relax on Monday afternoon with you!

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