Lovely Dame

pbk laugh at themselvesI LOVE terms of endearment.  It amuses me to no end to call my cat Coco “puppy”.  It’s one of my little loving names for her, as is Sweet Pumpkin Girl. I think loving and/or funny nicknames add a wonderful depth to a relationship…it’s part of the world you create together.

My brother David calls me Sissy, at first to tease me and now as a loving gesture, and his wife calls me Sassy.  My first major nickname, Lacy was given to me in college by Debbie, my college roommate and it became such a big part of my life….I used it as an artist name for many years and there are plenty of people who know me first by that name.  I even have an ex who had “Lacy” tattooed on his body…not once, but twice.

Debbie and I started calling each other Punkin and Sweetpea.  I call my dad Daddy-O.  He likes it.  I have friends I call Little Miss Sassy Pants, Miss Pink, Boo boo, and funny Donna.  One calls me Phoenix.  My boyfriend calls me Sunshine and I call him Handsome.  My mom and I have fun calling each other Mommy Dearest and Daughter Dearest.  I call myself a glitter girl and Miss Smarty Pants.

But my all-time favorite nickname is what my 8-year-old nephew Ty calls me.  Lovely Dame.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

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