Dreams of Bread and Jam

slice-of-bread“To a piece of bread, another piece of bread is a thing of wonder. And when the first piece of bread sees that the other piece of bread has butter on it, he marvels, “how smart he looks in his new suit!”

But if every piece of bread in our universe had butter on it, every slice would dream of jam.”

-Paulo Coelho


Sophisticated Raspberry Jam

This luscious raspberry jam is best prepared with fresh raspberries.  It does not include pectin, which makes for an unequivocal raspberry flavor and color.

1 quart fresh raspberries, picked over, do not wash

1 quart boiling water

3 cups granulated sugar

Place the fresh raspberries in a large strainer. Pick over to make certain there are no foreign particles, leaves, etc.  Pour the quart of boiling water over raspberries and let drain through.  Place drained raspberries in large saucepan.  Add 2 cups of the sugar, stirring constantly.  Bring to boil over medium-high heat and boil for five minutes.  Remove from heat and add the remaining 1 cup sugar; stir and continue boiling for another 5 minutes.  Remove from heat and pour the hot jam into hot jelly jars.  Seal with lids per manufacturer’s instructions.

Thanks to Best of Friends Cookbook for this luscious recipe!

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