Frustrated in Fargo

English: Street scene in downtown Fargo, North...

English: Street scene in downtown Fargo, North Dakota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Downtown Grand Forks, North Dakota 1912

Downtown Grand Forks, North Dakota 1912 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You ever have one of those days?  Where nothing big goes wrong but lots of little things…adding up to one frustrating day?  I had one day like that on my Glitter Pick Road Trip..and one day only so I think that’s pretty great.  I sure thought a Saturday picking day was going to be fun…especially since I was headed to Fargo, North Dakota, a place I had wanted to visit ever since I saw the movie.  I am a BIG fan of the movie FARGO.  You betcha!  Seen it at least a dozen times.  Never get tired of it.  So perhaps my expectations were a little over-inflated for Fargo, and it didn’t take much to pop the balloon.

I stopped at Grand Forks, north of Fargo, for picking and for lunch.  I thought it would be fun to eat lunch across the river in Minnesota, at a fun-sounding cafe called Whitey’s, that had been a gin joint back in the roaring 20s, survived flooding and fires and had been moved to it’s current location…and had some decent reviews.  It looked like a fun place from the outside but inside there wasn’t the old ambiance I expected…it just looked like an average sports bar.  That was disappointing, although the food was decent, if on the expensive side.  I did have good luck picking at several of the thrift shops in town, before I headed south to Fargo, where I planned to spend most of my afternoon.

It was hot and sticky and Fargo was one strip mall after another.  The only charming thing I saw in Fargo was a buffalo painted to look like Vincent Van Gogh.  The one antique mall I found was overstuffed with booths of dusty garage-sale level items, priced at antique mall prices.  Half the thrift shops close at 3pm on Saturday so I just missed a couple of them.  Another interesting sounding antique shop was closed for two weeks for refurbishing.  It just went on and on.  The motel clerk was surly and my room was dirty.  The motel outer door slammed shut on my foot and broke my shoe, so I had to hobble to Walmart to buy some SuperGlue to fix it.  I don’t even like shopping at Walmart…but I bet I am on Youtube somewhere, as one of those classic Walmart What The? shoppers….walking around wearing a different shoe on each foot.  It makes me laugh now…and actually I did laugh then too.  I was so happy to get up and leave Fargo the next morning!

After thinking about it, I figured out where my misled expectations came from…I love the movie Fargo, but what I love about the movie is all the characters and the plot….not the town of Fargo itself.  In fact, the movie kind of makes fun of Fargo, and I had forgotten that part.  I am sure there’s much to like about Fargo…….but it just wasn’t going to be found by me, on that day, at that moment, dontcha know.

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