From Paris to Portland Oregon: the fashion journey of a scarf

It takes five years for a new fashion item to go from the streets of Paris to the streets of Portland Oregon.  That’s what I was told at the Atlanta Gift Market this January.  And sure enough, I can vouch for this myself.  I was given a trip to Paris for my birthday in 2005.

This scarf was one of the treasures I brought back.  I bought it in a tiny little shop on a little side street in the Latin Quarter.  I loved the ruffles and the gorgeous silky fabric and the beautiful blue color.  I had seen several around Paris on fashionable Parisian women.  One of the things I love about Paris is people watching and part of that is looking at how people dress…the women of Paris have such beautiful style.   One of my favorite moments was walking down a street with my husband as we made our way to the Picasso museum.  I had on a lightweight knit blouse with stylish painted swirls across it…like a Monet painting.  A french woman walking towards us studied my top as she walked towards us and gave me a small nod of approval. 

Five years later, these scarves were spotted last fall in several high-fashion boutiques in Portland, Oregon.  I saw them at the Atlanta Gift Market for the first time this January.  They were gorgeous and well priced.  I thought they were a perfect fit for my shop Penelope’s Hope Chest.  I paid $18 euros in Paris (approximately $24).  My shop’s price….$12.95.

I put them out yesterday and have already sold three.  I plan to buy a teal scarf and drape it around a mirror….it could be a gorgeous home decor accessory as well!

The colors are vibrant and the ruffles remind me of an unfurled flower.  From Paris to Portland….

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2 Responses to From Paris to Portland Oregon: the fashion journey of a scarf

  1. Nancy P says:

    Those look so fun! (but alas I never know just how to wear a scarf. ha ha)

    • Lynette says:

      Nancy…I love scarves but I too always felt a bit awkward wearing them…the cool thing about this scarf is that you throw it on and it looks fantastic. You can’t mess it up!

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