Word of the Year 2011

Word of the Year 2011


  For many years I chose one word a year to work on and shared it with my family and friends…it usually had something to do with where I was in my life at the time.  I have gotten away from the habit in recent years and an interesting conversation with a customer in the shop a few days ago convinced me to start the very satisfying habit again.  The last word I remember choosing…was tenacity.  This year the word of choice is RELEASE.

Time to release.  Release bad memories, release the anger over old issues,  release hurtful thoughts of self-doubt.  Release old collections of objects I used to admire and now sit in my closets.  Release the extra weight that plagues me.  Release the negative thoughts that cause me to overeat.  Let it go. Release the bad habits that hold me back.  Release the projects I am never going to finish and hang over me, making me feel bad and unaccomplished. Release the little irritations of everyday life.  Release.

Release more of my creativity into the world.  Release more of these ideas bubbling around in my head.  Release more art projects, more displays for the shop, more of my huge collection of quotes.  More smiles, more fun, more travelling, more connections with the interesting people around me.  Release more love.  Release.


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