The Most Extraordinary Pie

best pie

You are sitting in a cozy room in an easy chair and there’s a table across the room.  And on this table there’s a piece of pie.

It’s not just any pie.  It’s the most extraordinary pie, with a unique flavor–sweet, but not too sweet, with some tartness, and playful spices that linger on the tongue.  The crust has many delicious layers–too many to count.

Every time you taste this pie you notice different things–it evolves on your tongue–dreamily the same and yet with different nuances.  The pie challenges your tongue each time, as you linger over subtle undertones–is that cinnamon?  A floral note?  Perhaps ginger?  You could eat this pie for years and taste different things.  You can eat this pie slowly, at times, rolling each morsel sensually around in your mouth, or you can devour it hungrily, in large ravenous gulps.

It’s a greatly sensual pleasure eating this pie and yet spiritual as well, as the pie evokes feelings of comfort and wraps you in pleasurable memories and dreams of the delights ahead.

You can taste the love in this pie–it satisfies so many deep needs.  Some you never knew you had, until you begin to eat these pieces, as they magically  keep reappearing on the table.  The pie comes from a pantry as large as the universe, so there will always be more of this pie as long as you desire it–and best of all, no calories and no guilt from this pie.  Only pleasure.

You’ve never had a pie like this on your table before.  You look at it from across the room.  Do you stay in your chair?  Or do you go across the room and enjoy this truly wonderful pie?

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1 Response to The Most Extraordinary Pie

  1. Pie! Yes, I am a pie girl! Yum!

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