L’Objet qui Parle- the most whimsical Vintage Shop in Paris

One of the things I love most about Paris is how you can wander down any street and find an enchanting shop…they are everywhere.  On our last day in Paris we were strolling around Montmartre, and we had finished our general shopping so we just delighted in admiring beautiful storefronts and peeking inside enticing doors.

Montmartre street

And here was a tiny little shop…so stuffed with vintage treasures they were bursting onto the sidewalk from inside.  The owner has a fabulous eye for mixing and displaying his treasures.  I was so intrigued by the rolls of old wallpaper.  Abra found an old French world globe that she had to have.

vintage French wallpaper

Don’t you love these bridal figures, in various stages of dishevelment?

vintage French Bride figures

I very badly wanted one of the desk bells…but alas I had spent my budget. The prices weren’t cheap, but comparable to a decent antique shop…and he did negotiate.

Paris Vintage Shop

Vintage French crockery

The front window had a very old marionette stage and puppets.

Vintage French marionettes

If you delight in vintage..and especially very whimsical vintage items…this shop is a must see while you are visiting Montmartre.

L’Objet qui Parle

86 Rue des Martyrs
75018 Paris
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