It Had Been Said That She Was A Little Off Her Head

Jurij Moskvitin (middle) acompaning Karen Blix...

Jurij Moskvitin (middle) acompaning Karen Blixen/Isak Dinesen (right) meeting composer Igor Stravinskij (left) at the City Hall of Copenhagen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“It had been said that she was a little off her head. Still, to the people who knew her well, it sometimes seemed open to doubt whether she was mad by her own choice, or from some caprice of hers, for she was a capricious woman.  Neither had she always been mad.  She had even been a woman of great sense, who studied philosophy, and held human passions in scorn.  If Miss Malin had now been given the choice of returning to her former reasonable state, and had been capable of realizing the meaning of the offer, she might have declined it on the ground that you have in reality more fun out of life when a little off your head.”

-Isak Dinesen, Seven Gothic Tales, 1934

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