Whitney Houston and the price of meeting the wrong man

English: Whitney Houston talking to the audien...

It’s just 24 hours after hearing about the news of Whitney Houston’s death at the age of 48.  The autopsy results are not in yet so the cause of her death is just speculation at this point but there’s lots of talk of her drug issues in the past.  Time will tell if drugs ended her life too soon but it has caused me to reflect today on Whitney and Bobby Brown and the high cost of allowing the wrong person in your life.  There’s been a lot of anger on Twitter towards Bobby Brown…some even saying that he killed her by getting her into drugs.  I don’t feel he killed her.  Whitney was a grown woman and made her own choices in her life.  Would she be alive today if she hadn’t allowed him in her life?  Harder question to answer, isn’t it?  How many of us have gone down the wrong path because of the person or people we have allowed in our lives?  Like it or not, the people close to us DO influence us.  For better or for worse.  And I strongly feel her life would have gone in a different direction without her relationship with Bobby Brown and I think most people would agree with me.  Her talent was legendary.  I always hoped she’d be able to fight her demons and make a strong come-back.  It wasn’t meant to be.  Rest in Peace Whitney and thanks for giving the world your great gift.  I am sorry you suffered so much and I hope that perhaps if any good comes out of this it would be from women who might have their eyes opened to the high price of letting the wrong man in your life.

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