Merry Christmas to me…. from the Christmas Champ

You either love her or hate her but everyone who watches tv knows the Christmas Champ.  She’s the wacky, insanely enthusiastic character advertising for Target this Christmas season.  I happen to think she’s hysterical and every new ad that has come out makes me laugh harder.  I usually fast forward through tv ads but I stop to watch her sing into musical christmas cards or flirt with a plastic santa.  But my favorite ad has to be where she is using “elf grease” to condition her hands and elbows while getting ready for Black Friday.  She then proceeds to throw a hissy fit over how hot her nutmeg eggnog is.  It’s exactly my sense of humor.

I have a buddy on Twitter… @theNextMartha who started me on this kick.  She decided to dress up as The Christmas Champ and go to the Black Friday event at Target, hoping to win a $500 Target gift card.  Sure enough she did, tweeting all the way.  Her tweets were hilarious. So I send out a tweet…saying that I yearn to lather myself in elf grease and it’s all because of @thenextMartha and @ChristmasChamp.  A few minutes later @ChristmasChamp responds to me.  “All I’ve ever wanted is for you to be happy.” and a link to her site that promises to send me a present.  You can only imagine the anticipation.  What will this wacky character send me?  Glitter? A Target coupon?  The possibilities are endless.

Today I found out.

My lovely postal lady delivered a package and I started laughing…even before I opened it.  I told her the story and she insisted I open it…IMMEDIATELY.  The first thing we saw was The Christmas Champ autographed picture.

Underneith was a gift bag……with a tub of ELF GREASE.

Apparently The Christmas Champ is sending out props from the filmed commercials to a few lucky fans.  It’s brilliant.  I already thought it was the best ad campaign I had seen in years.  But the minds at the ad agency responsible- Weiden & Kennedy…who are deliciously twisted….took it so much further.  I will be laughing throughout the Christmas season…as I look at my fabulous Elf Grease.  I bet you wish YOU had some.  Thanks Christmas Champ.

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