And away we go……..

I LOVE to travel! I am taking my darling niece Janelle (as a tomboy she’d hate to be called darling, but it’s my journal, and she is, truly, darling) on a grand tour of England for her high school graduation present. Since I was not able to have children of my own, it has been a great joy and privilege to be an indulgent aunt. I want to show her the England that I love so much. She has been to England once before but that was a school tour and this will be a very different trip. For one thing, she is very excited to have her auntie Lacy buy her a beer, her first. You can drink in the pubs at 18, apparently. She inherited my love of travelling and I foresee many trips together in the future. In honor of the trip, and summer vacations in general, we have created a charming vintage travel display in the shop. We have momentos from the 1962 Seattle Worlds Fair, old felt pennants, signs, old maps, vintage travel diaries, and many more quirky items. It was great fun to pull together and puts a smile on everyone’s face when they see it! I plan to journal and twitter while in England–watch for our adventures. If I am lucky I might capture a picture of Janelle’s face as she takes her first sip of Guiness!

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1 Response to And away we go……..

  1. Diane Kaufer says:

    Love the display – would love to see the rest of your store. Will look forward to your blogs from England!!

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